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Special Full Body Health Checkup With IGG Immunity Antibody


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We live in a highly toxic world where the lifespan is reducing and the number of diseases is increasing. This is why doctors advise us on getting regular health check-ups, to help us keep a track of our health. With our Special Full Body & Immunity Antibody Health Checkup, you can monitor your health and keep a track of your immunity.

The package includes:

Lipid Profile (8 Test)
Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDL, Total Cholesterol/ HDL Cholesterol Ratio, LDL/HDL Ratio, NON/HDL Ratio

Liver Function Test (12 Test)
SGPT, SGOT, Total Proteins, Albumin, Globulin, A: G Ratio, Bilirubin-Direct, Bilirubin Indirect, Bilirubin Total, Serum Protein, SGOT/SGPT Ratio, Gamma GT

Kidney Function Test (9 Test)
Urea, Uric Acid, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Urea/ Creatinine Ratio, BUN Creatinine Ratio, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride

Thyroid Profile (3 Test)
TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), T3, T4

Diabetes Profile (3 Test)
Blood Sugar, Urine Sugar, HbA1c

Vitamin Profile (2 Test)
Vitamin D, Vitamin B12

Complete Blood Count (24 Test)
HB, TLC, Neutrophil, Lymphocyte, Eosinophil, Monocyte, Basophil, Platelet Count, PCV, PCT, RBC, MCV, MCH, MCHC, MPV, PDW, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, Absolute Neutrophil Count, Absolute Lymphocyte Count, Absolute Monocyte Count, Absolute Basophil Count, Absolute Eosinophil Count, ESR

Bone Health Profile (3 Test)
Calcium, Phosphorus, Alkaline Phosphate

Iron Profile (3 Test)
S. Iron, Transferrin saturation, TIBC

Urine Routine & Microscopy (18 Test)
Quantity, Urobilinogen, Ketone, RBC’s, Casts, Crystals, Colour, Pus Cells, Specific Gravity, Transparency, Ph, Blood, Nitrite, Epithelial, Bacteria, Urine protein, Urine


Additional IGG Immunity Antibody Test

Worth ₹800/- (But absolutely free of cost)

  • IgG is one of the most common antibodies in blood circulation and represents nearly 75% of serum antibodies.
  • The IgG Serum test is performed to determine the presence of any infection in the body and the level of immunity of our body.
  • The immune system makes antibodies to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

People with IgG deficiency are prone to infections like:

  • Sinus infection
  • Gastrointestinal Infection
  • Ear Infection
  • Pneumonia
  • Bronchitis
  • Infections leading to throat infections

IgG deficiency can be seen in people suffering from kidney damage leukaemia or other infections. Therefore, making the immune system weak making the body susceptible to further infections.

There are several reasons that necessitate the use of the IgG test like:

  • It helps in ascertaining whether the individual has been exposed to illness or not.
  • It helps in determining the immunity level post recovery from an illness or post-vaccination.
  • This test is also helpful in chronic inflammation cases.

Importance of Regular Health Check-ups

  1. Prevent health issues – for instance, if you do a routine check-up of sugar and cholesterol, you will know how likely you are to get diabetes/ cholesterol in the future. This is because, if you are at the borderline, doctors advise you to control your sugar intake. Hence, you can have control over your health.
  2. Lower health care costs – A regular health check-up can save your money in the long run. Also, preventive health check-ups can reduce the risk of undergoing surgeries and other chronic medical conditions.
  3. Eliminates further growth of disease – cancer is a disease where if you identify it later, it can be hard to diagnose. Doing a regular body check-up can help doctors diagnose a disease before it poses a high risk.
  4. Increases life Span – by doing a regular check-up of your body and health, you can be assured of how healthy you are. By taking preventive advice from the doctor and following the doctor’s prescriptions can increase your lifespan as well.
  5. Reduces the Risk of complication during Treatment – once you are diagnosed with a health condition at an early stage, the complexity and risk involved are less when compared to diagnosing at a very late stage. A regular check-up can help in recovering your body from any health concerns.

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